Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Survival Checklist

Disasters come and go.  Often people do not prepare for them and this is why there are a lot of casualties when disasters strike.  However, when it comes to survival, there are a few disaster preparedness plans that one should remember in order to avoid becoming a casualty of disasters.

One of these things that one can do is having a survival checklist of everything that one need.  This is very important most especially when it is the survival of every individual that is at risk, both for individuals and for families.

Therefore, a survival checklist should be another checklist that should always be checked and the supplies replaced.  If you want your family to survive, you have to make sure that every single part of the survival checklist will be addressed.
What are the contents of a survival checklist?

According to CNN, keeping a survival checklist is important.  Some people even spent $130,000 preparing for disasters and below are the things that one should keep in mind when preparing a survival checklist.

1. Clothing
- A bag of clothing is necessary.  Maslow’s list of needs include a bag of clothing to make sure that hygiene is always taken care of most especially when the disaster is a storm and there are not a lot of clothes that one can save.

- The list of clothing items include the t-shirt long sleeve (long enough to cover bottom), the t-shirt short sleeve, a fleece pullover with collar and zipper, lightweight long sport trousers, lightweight sport pants or shorts, ski gloves and 1 pair of thin gloves, bonnet or cap with side and back flaps, scarf and thick socks.

2. Food and Drinks
- Of course, in order to survive, it is important to keep food and drinks.  It is one of the most necessary things to have in order to survive an impending doom.

- When preparing food and drinks, it is important to have some dry grain wafers to have the necessary daily sugar need, some dried fruit bars, biscuits, quick cooking rice, pan with matching lid, a small kettle and a large deep plate.

3. Toiletry
- Keeping a set of toiletry is important to keep yourself sanitized.  This would include some soap, washcloths, towels, shaving products, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

4. Medicine
- Medicines are necessary.  It is important to keep a list of all that is necessary.  Basic medicines and basic antiseptic is important to put in your survival checklist.  Remember to keep some eye drops, bacteria or virus infection pills, antibiotics, headache and some pain reliever.

Why Keep a Survival Checklist?

The answer is in the name itself –for survival.  The Survival Checklist makes sure that you are on track of what you need to survive.  Read some instructional books like the survival guide PDF and you will surely get what you need.

There is only one shot to survive during disasters and when you do what you can in terms of preparation, attention and alertness, you will surely survive.  With the help of a survival guide PDF, a survival checklist and your actual will to survive any disaster that will come your way, survival should be a breeze.

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