Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Apocalypse Survival Guide

The year 2012 is said to be the end of the world.  However, since it is now almost a quarter after the presumed end of the world, people is slacking around their preparations and are no longer preparing for the apocalypse.

Fact is that there are a lot more disasters that can come and could happen.   Fact is that there are more problems that one should prepare for.  Fact is that even today an Apocalypse Survival Guide is necessary to make sure that one survives what impending doom and disaster may come.

With that in mind, the Apocalypse Survival Guide should be the first thing that one should check.  An Apocalypse Survival Guide is a guide and a checklist of the things necessary for one to survive.  What is included in the Apocalypse Survival Guide?

An Apocalypse Survival Guide Kit

It is important to have a kit.  The kit is where you will put the things necessary for your survival.  The kit should be colored bright yellow or something that is bright.

 Having a bright colored bag will help you grab the kit easier when disaster strikes. It should also be not heavy on its own as you will be putting a lot of things in it.  So, bright, light and strong – your Apocalypse Survival Guide kit should have these characteristics.

The Necessaries

It is important to have the necessaries in one’s kit. If you are at home, always keep a bag where you have food, water, and medicine.  Keep batteries for communication and always keep your cellular hone’s batteries charged.

The Generator

If you are staying at home because the town was hit by a storm or any disaster, keeping a generator at home is important as well because it will give your home electricity and still have communication with the outside world that you actually need.

Books and Information Sources

It is important to make sure that one will have book and information sources that one can use.  The books should be about herbs, vegetables, preparation of medicine, ways to do things and everything that teaches one how to do things on their own.


It is necessary to follow the Apocalypse Survival Guide and make sure that you get every piece of information that you would need in order to survive.  Surviving any kind of disaster is a blessing in itself but preparing for a disaster is much more of a miracle.  Prepare, Plan and Survive –remember these three things always if you want to survive a disaster.

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